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9 Must Read Yellowstone National Park Books: Adult & Kids books!

As the first National Park in the entire world, Yellowstone National Park provides endless inspiration for amazing stories – both fiction and nonfiction. Whether you’re looking for books about volcanoes, hot springs, National Park adventures, wolves, Yellowstone’s rich history or other stories to inspire your trip, you’ll find something for you on this list. We absolutely love visiting Yellowstone, and here are our 9 favorite kid and adult Yellowstone National Park books!

As always, I’ve read every book on this list – I’ll never recommend books I haven’t read!

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1. Death in Yellowstone: Accidents and Foolhardiness in the First National Park

Written by Lee Whittlesey

death in yellowstone book cover

Death in Yellowstone is a wild book. It’s a little gruesome but it definitely hooked me right away. This is one of my favorite Yellowstone National Park books. Every chapter is a different category of deaths that have occurred inside Yellowstone National Park including hot springs, wildlife, falls, etc. There are a ton of stories in here to keep you captivated for your drive into the park, or depending on how you take this kind of information… maybe read it after your trip. An argument for reading it beforehand is to share with your group, what things NOT to do or situations to avoid while visiting Yellowstone. I mean… in my opinion, this book should be required reading to enter the park.

Link to buy here.

2. Take Me With You

Written by Catherine Ryan Hyde

take me with you book cover

This book follows a burned out teacher, August, who is making a Summer trip to Yellowstone. The trip that was originally supposed to be taken with his 19 year old son, but since his son passed away, the purpose of the trip is now to scatter his son’s ashes. August ends up making the trip with two extra passengers, and has a transformative trip that changes everything. If you’re looking for a book that is sure to tug at your heart strings, this is the one!

Link to buy here.

3. Wild Rescues: A Paramedic’s Extreme Adventures in Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton

Written by Kevin Grange

wild rescues book cover

As someone who works in emergency medicine and loves national parks, this was definitely the crossover book I needed. Through this short book, Grange highlights some of the adventures he had during his time serving as a paramedic in these Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton National Park. These stories will give you a whole new appreciation for the struggles that first responders have, especially when coupled with lack of resources and being in a remote location!

Link to buy here.

4. Bring Jade Home: The True Story of a Dog Lost in Yellowstone

Written by Michelle Caffrey

bring jade home book cover yellowstone

Bring Jade Home is the incredible true story of an Aussie dog who was lost in Yellowstone National Park after her owners were in a devastating car accident. Read this book to find out if this dog is able to survive, and what the Yellowstone National Park staff did to help. An easy, enjoyable read with a great story behind it.

Link to buy here.

5. The Wolves of Yellowstone: A Rewilding Story

Written by Catherine Barr

This is one of the more informative and enjoyable kids books I’ve read in a while. I learned so much about wolves from this book and how important they are to the entire ecosystem of Yellowstone. This book also has great illustrations. The Wolves of Yellowstone might be a little advanced for tiny readers, but older kids (and adults) will love this one. This is the Yellowstone National Park book for kids I enjoyed the most.

Link to buy here.

6. Before They’re Gone: A Family’s Year-Long Quest to Explore America’s Most Endangered National Parks

Written by Michael Lanza

before they're gone book cover

One family embarks on a journey to backpack in several of America’s National Parks – specifically the ones who are in the most danger from climate change. They spend time in Yellowstone during Winter, and describe the beauty of what they encounter. In addition to their experiences, Lanza discusses how increasing temperatures are affecting Yellowstone and how the park could and will be forever changed. Packed with devastating facts about the effect that climate change is having on our parks – Before They’re Gone is a book that nature lovers should pick up. This book made me want to visit all of the National Parks immediately because climate change could affect them so drastically!

Link to buy here.

7. Volcano Rising

Written by Elizabeth Rusch, Illustrated by Susan Swan

Volcano Rising is the perfect mix of a fun kids book with cool sound effects, and an informative story about how volcanoes erupt and where they exist. This is the type of book that kids will want to read, but adults will also love because everyone can learn something. The illustrations are colorful and detailed enough to keep kids staring at the pages while you read. Definitely check this out if you are looking for a Yellowstone National Park book for kids.

Link to buy here.

8. Jade – Lost in Yellowstone

Written by Michelle Caffrey, Ilustrated by Steph Lehmann

This is the kids version of the book Bring Jade Home. While the story is definitely embellished a little compared to the true story (I mean it’s a kids book). It might be fun to read this with your kids while you read the adult version – the true story of a dog lost in Yellowstone National Park!

Link to buy here.

9. Who Pooped in the Park? Yellowstone National Park: Scat and Tracks for Kids

Written by Gary Robson, Illustrated by Elijah Brady Clark

This book is fun, I mean what kid isn’t going to like a book with poop in the title?? There are currently 20 different versions of this book for different parks. It’s a little long for a young kid, but it does keep our two year old entertained! This is a great one to read while in the park or before going because it will help identify wildlife by tracks, scat, or what the animal looks like. You might even learn something too!

Link to buy here.

10. The Stories of Yellowstone: Adventure Tales from the World’s First National Park

Written by M. Mark Miller

This book will give you a great sense of the early days in Yellowstone National Park. It’s a collection of bite size stories of tourists washing their clothes in the geysers, the buffalo soldiers, first encounters with the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, and more! I loved this book for a quick read that can educate you on the history of the World’s first National Park

Link to buy here.

Other Yellowstone Books I didn’t love but you might:

  • Lost in My Own Backyard: a short read by Tim Cahill and Michael Prichard who have lived near Yellowstone National Park for most of their lives. He details his adventures in the Yellowstone backcountry – which is not somewhere that many people explore. However, i just didn’t find it that interesting… but if you are wanting to make a backcountry trip to Yellowstone National Park, it may be worth a read. He does provide a unique perspective on some of the things that people don’t know exist in Yellowstone. Link to buy here.
  • Buddy Bison’s Yellowstone Adventure: This book was sort of cute, but left something to be desired. It just didn’t have much substance and while it’d be a fun read if you could find it from the library. I probably wouldn’t spend money on it personally!

What other Yellowstone National Park books did you love? Let us know in the comments and we will add it to our list of books to read. Also check out our favorite National Parks Books for kids! Happy reading!

Okay, now that you’ve read all of our favorite Yellowstone stories, here are our guides to help you plan the best Yellowstone National Park vacation with your kids.

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