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17 Fun Things to do in Winthrop, WA With Kids!

Winthrop, WA is one of the coolest towns in Washington State and is a great place to visit with kids. We absolutely loved our stay in Winthrop and would come back in a heartbeat! Plus, it’s only a 3.5 hour drive from both Spokane, WA and Seattle, WA so it’s the perfect road trip for a long weekend. Here is our list of the best things to do in Winthrop, WA with kids!

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Map of Things to do in Winthrop!

1. Visit North Cascades National Park

Visiting North Cascades National Park is one of the must do activities near Winthrop. It’s also an obvious choice since there is a good chance you’re visiting Winthrop in the first place because of the National Park. We loved the epic views we had while visiting the park, and would highly recommend checking it out.

  • Diablo Lake Overlook
  • Washington Pass Overlook
  • Ladder Creek Falls
  • Blue Lake
  • Rainy Lake
  • Newhalem Visitor Center

Check out our post on the Best 1-3 Day North Cascades National Park Itinerary with kids!

2. Eat Ice Cream at Sheri’s Sweet Shoppe

Sheri’s Sweet Shoppe is probably one of the things to do in Winthrop that kids will love the most! The Ice Cream shop has over 40 flavors to choose from, with over 20 of them being homemade flavors. I highly suggest you try the homemade flavors, we had the butterscotch fudge and the thin mint girl scout cookie. Delicious!! There might be a line on a busy day, but it moves quickly. If you’re really in a hurry you can grab ice cream inside the Winthrop Emporium down the street.

Other things to do at Sheri’s Sweet Shoppe includes mini golf, a candy store featuring made from scratch chocolate and more, boardwalk burgers, and an espresso option. Sheri’s is located right in the middle of downtown so it’s impossible to miss!

3. Stroll the Western Themed Downtown

The entirety of downtown Winthrop is pretty special. In 1972, the town was transformed into an early 1900s Western theme, and it’s one of the most unique towns in Washington. The design of the town is meant to replicate what the town might have looked like in the late nineteenth century. They even have “westernization codes” that must be followed now! Wander in and out of whichever stores suit you. You might even find yourself a new cowboy hat or something special for your pet.

If you love the charm of this Western themed town, you’ll definitely want to check out our guide to fun things to do in Leavenworth as well!

4. Walk Across the Spring Creek Bridge

Our kids had a lot of fun on the Spring Creek Bridge right near town. You could walk from downtown or park on either side of it. The Spring Creek Bridge is part of the 1.3 mile Susie Stephens Trail. It’s paved and offers beautiful views of the mountains and river!

Sa Teekh Wa Bridge is another cool bridge if you’re looking for additional things to do in Winthrop.

5. Hike to Falls Creek Waterfall

Falls Creek waterfall is a must do easy hike near Winthrop! The trail is only about 0.3 miles to see the lower falls which are beautiful. It’s also paved so it’s a great family friendly trail. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, you can continue on farther up to see more waterfalls. However, we read that this section is really steep so we didn’t attempt it with our little kids.

6. Eat Dinner on the Patio at Old Schoolhouse Brewery

Old Schoolhouse Brewery is a great place to eat in Winthrop with kids. They have a great patio with room to roam for kids. They also have lots of kid friendly food options available. And of course, after a long day of hiking or exploring, delicious beer is warranted. To make their beer, they use clean non-chlorinated water from the Cascade Mountains that makes the beer taste that much better. We loved the local Winthrop beer, and letting our kids move around a bit while we could enjoy our meal.

7. Watch Glass Blowing at Glassworks of Winthrop

Glassworks is a glass shop located on the main street in downtown Winthrop. As you stroll downtown you can walk by Glassworks and watch some glass blowing in action! It’s not really a formal activity, but it’s one of the most unique things to do in Winthrop with kids. Glassworks is also a great place to purchase souvenirs if you’re looking to bring home something special. You might even learn some facts about glass blowing or the history of the art.

8. Hike Sun Mountain via the Sunnyside Trail

The Sun Mountain trail really blew us away with the wildflowers (in Springtime) and the epic views. It’s a 2.5 mile hike with 318 feet of elevation. It’s a great Spring hike in Winthrop that is perfect if you don’t want to drive very far from town. The trail is a bit confusing, so I would recommend using All Trails to follow it. Sun Mountain is an interpretive trail so you can also learn about some of the unique trees and other plants along the trail.

There’s also one part that is a very steep drop off. So if your kids aren’t in your pack, be extra careful with this one. Sun Mountain is a must do trail with kids, we loved it!

9. Pick OUt a Book at Trail’s End Bookstore

Trail’s End Bookstore is located in downtown Winthrop. It’s the perfect place to relax, let the kids play, and pick out a new book or puzzle for yourself and your kids. They have a huge selection of books for everyone, and a bunch of other non-book items as well. You’ll also want to make sure to go to the back of the store and check out the beautiful river view from the window.

10. Visit Mack Lloyd Park

Mack Lloyd Park is the perfect place in Winthrop with kids if you need a spot for them to burn off some energy. Located near the big red barn on the edge of downtown, this playground is hard to miss. It’s located near the river and has a playground, a river walk, and a picnic area if you want to pack a lunch. This is also a great stop to kill time if you arrive in town early and can’t check in to your hotel right away.

11. Ride Bikes

Winthrop is definitely a bike friendly town, and we saw a ton of people biking while we were visiting. If you want to rent bikes, stop by Methow Cycle Sport downtown where they can get you set up with a bike rental. They even have kids bikes and trailers available. Here is their post on family friendly bike trails in Winthrop.

12. Get Breakfast at Cinnamon Twisp Bakery

Cinnamon Twisp Bakery is located in the nearby town of Twisp, WA and is only a little over 10 minutes from Winthrop. They have the famous “Cinnamon Twisps” that are definitely worth trying. Whether you’re picking those up for a trail snack or breakfast, it’s worth a stop.

Another bakery that’s located in Winthrop is the Rocket Horse Bakery. We didn’t have a chance to make it here because they were closed the days we were visiting! But they are known for their handmade pastries as well.

13. Play at Pearrygin Lake State Park

Pearrygin Lake State Park is the perfect place to camp if you’re looking for easy camping near Winthrop. They have a ton of campsites as well as bathrooms and showers for a more commercialized camping experience.

We spent a beautiful morning here bird watching and throwing rocks into the lake. Pearrygin Lake State Park would also be the perfect place for a picnic lunch or hiking near Winthrop. We aren’t big fishermen, but we also saw several people fishing here!

14. Buy Trail Snacks at the Mazama Store

The Mazama Store is an iconic stop in the North Cascades. They have a little bit of everything from snacks, coffee, souvenirs and clothing to breakfast food, bread, and locally made goods. They also have a beautiful patio area, a couple of super cute store dogs, and friendly staff. We stopped here to grab some trail snacks to help motivate our kids (and us) to hike. We grabbed some gummy bears from their bulk section, and they were a hit!

15. Stay in the Sun Mountain lodge

The Sun Mountain Lodge is the ultimate bucket list stay in Winthrop. “Luxury at the edge of Wilderness” is their motto and believe me, this place looks incredible! We didn’t actually get the chance to stay here, but we got to check it out when we hiked Sun Mountain. They offer amenities like a pool, hot tub, pickleball/tennis courts, and truly incredible views. You won’t even have to drive anywhere to access some fantastic trails, and for a rainy day they have activities like the spa, foosball, pool tables, ping pong, and more. We’ll definitely be back to Winthrop at some point to stay in the Sun Mountain Lodge.

Check availability here!

16. Visit the Shafer Museum

If you’re a family that likes history and museums, you should visit the Shafer Museum in Winthrop, WA. The museum is a collection of historic buildings and has original artifacts and shares the history of the Methow Valley during the settlement and homesteading period from around 1880-1940.

The museum has a suggested donation of $5 per adults, and children are free

17. Winthrop Ice Rink

The Winthrop Ice Rink offers a variety of fun activities depending on the season. If you’re visiting in the Spring and Summer, you’ll likely be able to catch a roller skating session or be able to play some pickleball. If you’re visiting in the Fall or Winter, you can ice skate during the open skate times. Here is their website where you can see the schedule of events.

What is Winthrop, WA known for?

Winthrop, WA is one of the most unique towns in Washington. It’s an early 1900s Western themed town located in Central Washington. Otto and Kathryn Wagner dreamed up the idea of a Western themed town in 1972 and local business people pitched in to make the dream a reality. Local businesses still have westernization codes that they have to follow to keep the western theme alive.

Is Winthrop, WA Worth Visiting?

Yes! Winthop, WA is one of the coolest towns in Washington and is definitely worth visiting. Explore the incredible beauty of North Cascades National Park, the Okanagan Forest, and a tiny little western town loaded with charm. Whether you only have time to stop by for the day, or are spending a long weekend, you’ll find tons of things to do both indoor and outdoor.

How to get to Winthrop, WA

There are several different ways to get to Winthrop, WA! If you’re planning to fly, you’ll want to fly into Seattle (SeaTac). It’s an absolutely stunning drive (through the Cascade highway), but will take about 4 hours from the airport.

Driving distances to Winthrop:
  • Spokane to Winthrop: 3.5 hours
  • Seattle to Winthrop: 3.5 hours
  • Vancouver to Winthrop: 4 hours

Where to stay in Winthrop, WA?

Vacation Rentals in Winthrop, WA

Hotels in Winthrop, WA

Camping in Winthrop, WA

  • Pearrygin Lake State Park
  • Winthrop KOA
  • Silverline Lakeside Resort

We hope you enjoy your time in Winthrop, WA as much as we did! We can’t wait to visit again and explore more of this stunning area. Looking for more Washington Adventures or National Parks to visit? Check out some of our other destination guides!

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