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25 Fun Spring Activities in Spokane, WA For Kids

There are so many fun Spring activities in Spokane that you can do with your kids! After being cooped up all Winter, we get so excited to get outside and get some sunshine. Spokane has so many family friendly parks, unique things to do outdoors, and fun weekend trips nearby. Read on to see some of our favorite Spring things to do in Spokane – plus some spots that are great to visit year round.

Scroll to the bottom of this post for a map of all the best things to do this Spring in Spokane!

The Best Spring Activities in Spokane

1. Visit the Lilac Garden at Manito Park

Manito Park is one of the best places in Spokane to visit, year round. This park has it all, and Springtime is the Lilac garden’s time to shine. Did you know Spokane is actually nicknamed “The Lilac City”? In the 1930’s, the local garden club was encouraged to plant Lilac bushes, and the name “The Lilac City” has stuck ever since. You’ll definitely want to see (and smell) these beautiful blooms at Manito Park this Spring.

2. Ride the Gondola and See Spokane Falls from Above

Spokane Falls is another gem and one of the best Spring activities in Spokane. Of course, you can visit Spokane Falls year round – but the Spring is when it’s really rocking with peak water flow from snow runoff. Did you know that Spokane Falls is actually the United States’ largest urban waterfall? You can visit the falls on foot along one of the many paths, but even better is to see it from above on the Numerica Skyride. Check out tickets here.

3. Visit Haase’s Greenhouse

Haase’s Greenhouse is one of the best greenhouses in Spokane. They open mid Spring and have a huge variety of plants including perennials, annuals, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and more! It’s even a good place to visit on a chilly Spring day, because the inside of the greenhouse is nice and warm. Choose a plant to pot with your kids and watch it grow all Summer.

4. Ride Bikes Along the Columbia Plateau Trail

Columbia Plateau Trail State Park is one of Spokane’s best hidden gems. There are 38 miles of hiking and biking trails in this park including a 3.75 mile paved section that is great for biking with little kids or pushing a stroller. We absolutely love getting out on our bikes with our kids and this is a great spot.

man riding bike on columbia plateau trail state park spokane

5. Play Pickleball

If you haven’t heard of pickleball, you might be living under a rock. Pickleball is the country’s fastest growing sport, and was actually invented in Washington state. It’s a simple game, kind of like a mix between ping pong and tennis, that can be played by anyone young or old. There are several great places to play pickleball in Spokane, both indoor and outdoor – we’ve listed some of our favorites below. New pickleball courts are always popping up, so let us know in the comments if there is a great park we missed!

Indoor Pickleball Courts Spokane
  • Pickleball on Broadway
  • The Warehouse
  • The Press Pickleball Club
Outdoor Pickleball Courts Spokane
  • Comstock Park
  • Mission Park
  • Holmberg Park

NOTE: Some of these outdoor courts, you’ll need to bring your own net!

6. Hunt for Easter Eggs at the Annual Riverfront Park Easter Egg Hunt

Riverfront Park is a fantastic place to hang out with kids. The city of Spokane puts on a super fun Easter egg hunt every year. They have separate areas of the park for 0-2 years old, 3-5 years old, and 6+ year olds. They also have a sensory supportive Easter egg hunt. It’s a free event, and look out because the Easter bunny might even make an appearance!

7. See the Wildflowers Along the South Hill Bluff Trails

This somewhat hidden Spokane park has 25 miles of hiking and a beautiful display of wildflowers (especially balsam root) during the Spring. You can access these trails near off of 57th Avenue as well as Polly Judd Park, 21st and 29th Avenues, and Bernard and Division. Just make sure to watch out for bikers as this is a popular mountain biking area.

balsam root flowers on south hill bluff spokane

8. Go For a Walk Along Spokane’s Centennial Trail

Spokane’s Centennial Trail is a 37 mile paved path that goes from Sontag Park in Nine Mile all the way to the Washington-Idaho border. This trail is a total treasure to our city. It’s in incredible condition and is the perfect path to bring a stroller or ride bikes (or even roller blade!) Along this trail you can see beautiful views of the Spokane River, ride through Riverfront Park, and ride by the Gonzaga campus.

9. Go for a Weekend Trip

Spokane has so many destinations just a few hours away for the perfect Spring getaway. If you want to head over to the Idaho Panhandle, we absolutely love Heyburn State Park, Wallace, Priest Lake, or Sandpoint. Some of the best Washington getaways nearby include Leavenworth, Walla Walla, and Mount Rainier.

Check out our post on 5 Reasons to Visit Heyburn State Park, Idaho!

10. Spring Camping Near Spokane

There are so many great places to camp near Spokane, WA, and Spring is a great time to camp. If you’re tent camping, watch for a warm day so you don’t get too cold overnight. But if you have a little camper like us, the possibilities are endless! There are also several places nearby with primitive cabins so you don’t have to worry about rainy Spring weather.

Some great campgrounds near Spokane are at Bowl and Pitcher, Priest Lake State Park, Sam Owen Campground, Beauty Creek Campground, and so many more!

11. Participate in Bloomsday

Bloomsday is a classic Spokane event that had it’s inaugural event in 1977. This 12k event features live music, supportive spectators, and draws over 20,000 participants from babies to senior citizens. Make this your year to start a fun family tradition!

12. Visit Cat Tales

Cat Tales is a wildlife center located just North of Spokane that houses rescued, retired, and non-releasable exotic animals and wildlife. They have black bears, tigers, pumas, bobcats, racoons, and many more animals to learn about. Plan your visit around feeding time, or even reserve the whole place for your private party.

13. Pick Out a Spring Book at Wishing Tree Books

Head to the best kids bookstore in Spokane, Wishing Tree Books. Located in the Perry District, you’ll find a huge selection of beautiful kids books. They have a curated selection of books, and you’ll definitely be able to find a book related to Spring, whether that’s about Earth Day, flowers, Easter, or another fun Spring subject. Bonus – they also have a fun selection of adult books!

14. Visit Green Bluff

Green Bluff is going to be on our list for every season! Every month they have something different going on. April and May brings the start of flowers for sale, as well as the start of rhubarb and mushrooms. If you can wait until early June you’ll have access to a variety of different produce, including our favorites – STRAWBERRIES!

Pro Tip: Just so you know, if you eat strawberries from Green Bluff, you’ll never be able to eat store bought ones the same!

15. Find a Food Truck or Local Produce at the Farmers Market

Starting mid-May, you’ll find a bunch of different farmers markets around Spokane. This is a great time to pick out some local produce and make a new recipe at home. Or just go out to get some sunshine and pick up a snack from a local vendor. Farmers markets are a great place to socialize and see what local artists and farmers are up to around town.

16. Get a Spring Themed Coffee Drink

See if your local coffee shop has a fun Spring menu that serves up something caffeinated for you, and something fun for your little one. Some of the coffee shops we really enjoy that have a Spring menu are Blissful Blends, Ladder Coffee, and Indaba. But make it easy, and find a tasty one near you.

17. Take a Spring Hike

Spokane has so many places to take family friendly hikes or walks. Check out our guide to the 10+ Best Hikes in Spokane: Family Friendly Parks and Trails.

18. Visit the Gaiser Conservatory at Manito Park

The Gaiser Conservatory is a greenhouse that contains tropical, sub-tropical, and temperate plant specimens from around the world. It is open at Manito Park year round. This would be an especially good rainy day activity in Spokane! They change the displays seasonally, so you can visit year after year and not see the same thing. Check the hours before going, they are closed on Wednesdays.

19. Play at the Spokane Public Library

The Spokane Public Library is another great place to visit with kids in Spokane year round. All the Spokane City libraries were remodeled within the last few years. They all have a great selection of books and a fun play area for small kids. The city libraries are some of my favorite places to visit again and again in Spokane. It’s a great place to relax and get some quiet while the kids play.

20. Explore Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park is an absolute gem in Spokane. You can visit the garbage goat, the big wagon, the Looff Carousel, the Spokane Pavillion, and more. Not to mention, the new playgrounds – the Providence Playscape for young kids or the bigger Ice Age Floods Playground. You can explore for days and not run out of things to do here. We love Riverfront Park!

21. Take the Family to Brunch

Spokane is host to several fantastic brunch restaurants. We love visiting Chaps Diner and Bakery! Other local favorites are Franks Diner, Bruncheonette, Old European, and the Yards Bruncheon.

22. Have High Tea at the Historic Davenport Hotel

If you’re looking to take your kid on a special date to a unique dining experience, try out the Washington Cherry Blossom Afternoon High Tea at the Historic Davenport Hotel. This is currently during limited hours on Saturdays and Sundays from 2:00pm- 4:00pm in the Palm Court Grill. Probably suited best for older kids!

23. Grab Lunch and Picnic at Finch Arboretum

Finch Arboretum is another magical place in Spokane that is fun to visit all year round. Each season brings something different, and Spring showcases the beautiful blooms on the Dogwoods and Magnolia trees, as well as some Lilac bushes. Finch Arboretum boasts 65 acres of beautiful park that has too many different variety of plants and trees to count. Whether you want to take the self-guided walking tour through the park, or just stop in a beautiful place for a picnic – Finch Arboretum is worth visiting in the Spring.

24. Treat the Kids to a Milkshake at The Milk Bottle

Mary Lou’s Milk Bottle is such a fun place to take kids! First of all, the place is shaped like an actual giant milk bottle, which is one of the coolest things ever. It has an old timey diner feel and just going inside is a fun time. The kids will love a rainbow sprinkles milkshake, to celebrate the start of Spring.

25. Pick up Garbage for Earth Day

On Earth Day, Spokane has the largest river clean up of the year along the Spokane River. If you want a family tradition that starts your kids young caring about our planet and our home city, get them involved in picking up garbage. They provide gloves and bags. Even if your kids don’t end up picking up much garbage, it will be great to get them exposed to doing something great for our planet.

Check out Spokane River Keeper for more information!

Map of Spring Activities in Spokane for kids

Looking for other things to do around Spokane?

Happy Spring!

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