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7 Amazing Sequoia National Park Book Recommendations! (Kids & Adult Books!)

We absolutely loved visiting Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park. With the massive Sequoia Trees, vast backcountry, and unique history there is so much to inspire great books. One of our favorite ways to revisit our memories, or get excited before our trips is to read books about a location. Here are several amazing Sequoia National Park book recommendations for your next trip. Happy reading!

And as always, I’ve read all the books on this list! I’ll continually update this list as I read more and more. I love reading!

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Sequoia National Park Books to Read!

1. Vanishing Edge

Written by Claire Kells

Vanishing Edge (National Parks Mystery #1) is the fictional story of a disappearance from a backcountry campsite in Sequoia National Park. A retired FBI agent takes on the case! This is an interesting mystery that takes you through twists and turns in the backcountry of Sequoia National Park.

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2. a Tall Tall Tree

Written by Anthony D. Fredericks and Chad Wallace

A Tall Tall Tree is actually a book we purchased from the gift store when we visited Sequoia National Park. Anthony D. Fredericks writes a ton of great nature books for kids. So if you enjoy this one, make sure to check out some of his other books. If you’re looking for a counting book, this is a great Sequoia National Park book to read. Help your kids learn to count with the different animals and bugs of Sequoia National Park!

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3. The Tree Lady: The True Story of How One Tree-Loving Woman Changed a City Forever

Written by H. Joseph Hopkins, Illustrated by Jill McElmurry

The Tree Lady is the true story of activist Kate Sessions, who helped San Diego grow into the lush, leafy city known for stunning parks and botanical gardens. While this book isn’t technically about Sequoia National Park, it does highlight a great story about trees and an inspiring woman.

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4. The Sequoia Lives on

Written by Joanna Cooke, Illustrated by Fiona Hsieh

The Sequoia Lives On shares the life of a giant Sequoia tree. You’ll learn about the lifespan of Sequoias, how big they are, and more about these enormous and majestic trees. From a tiny seed to the largest tree in the entire world, this book will have you and your kids in awe of Sequoia Trees. It’s a great book to prepare you for your trip to Sequoia National Park, or to enjoy after you get back home.

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5. Cool Green

Written by Lulu Delacre

Cool Green is one of those kids books that I loved as an adult (and I learned a lot!) This book takes you through several unique varieties of trees as a landscaper grandfather teaches his granddaughter. Like the cover says, these trees are truly amazing and remarkable, and it made me so excited to see these types of trees in the future.

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6. Trail of the Lost

Written by Andrea Lankford

Trail of the Lost is Andrea Lankford’s search for three missing hikers of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), the 2,650 mile trail from Mexico to Canada. Andrea Lankford was a park ranger with the National Park Service’s law enforcement team and led search and rescue missions through the wilderness of the US National Parks. She eventually left, and pursued finding answers for the families of three men lost on the PCT. I really enjoyed this book and learned a lot about different investigative techniques and search and rescue strategies. While this book doesn’t actually talk much about Sequoia National Park, the PCT does pass through the park, which makes it part of the story of the missing hikers!

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7. Leave Only Footprints

Written by Conor Knighton

leave only footprints book cover

Leave Only Footprints is a collection of stories from author Conor Knighton as he journeys through every single US National Park. You’ll learn what makes each park special as he weaves personal experiences into factual information and history of the parks. I loved this book and it’s a great book to read before visiting any National Park.

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Now that you’ve got all of your reading materials settled, check out our guides so you can have your best family vacation at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park! Happy travels 🙂 And, if you liked this book list, explore our page to find Books for Every Destination.

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