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Iceland with Toddler or Baby: Everything You Need to Pack

Overwhelmed with trying to figure out what to pack when taking your baby or toddler to Iceland? I understand that taking your little one on an international trip can be a lot to think about! This Iceland summer packing list can help you get organized and make sure you are prepared to have the trip of a lifetime in the beautiful country of Iceland. Whether you are staying near Reykjavik or driving the ring road with your family, this list will help you worry about one less thing. We absolutely loved our trip and you will love going to Iceland with your toddler or baby! The best way to use this Iceland packing list is as a checklist, but also to figure out if you need to buy any extra gear before you head off on your adventure!

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Iceland With a Toddler or Baby Packing List

Clothing & Shoes

Whether you are visiting Iceland in Winter or Summer, it is very important that you pack in layers for your child. Weather in Iceland can be somewhat unpredictable, and even in the Summer, you may still have chilly days. You will have a much more enjoyable vacation if your little one is comfortable and toasty warm for whatever activities you choose to do. We visited Iceland in September and had great weather most of the time, but we did still encounter some wind. We dressed in layers and were really comfortable.

1. Beanie

Don’t forget a beanie – you’ll probably have your kiddo in a beanie for a good chunk of your trip! This little beanie comes in so many colors and is super cute. It has worked for our kids from baby to 3 years old, and we have only had to buy one.

baby standing in front of skogafoss waterfall iceland

Link to buy here

2. Gloves/mittens

The gloves and mittens linked are also waterproof which was perfect for visiting waterfalls and being near water

Link to buy here

3. Raincoat/Wind resistant Jacket

Iceland can have some crazy wind at times, and we did also encounter some rain. Photography tip: A bright color like blue, red, or yellow will help your little one pop in pictures against the beautiful Icelandic landscapes!

Link to ours here

4. Warm Coat

We actually didn’t end up needing to use the super warm coat because we had beautiful weather, but you never know what you’re going to get with Iceland weather. Depending on the age of your little one, you could also use a full body snow suit as well.

5. Comfortable Everyday Shoes
6. Waterproof Boots or Shoes

There was a lot of jumping in puddles and streams during our visit to Iceland. Having a good set of waterproof boots was essential, and kept our little feet warm during adventures.

Link here to the waterproof boots!

7. Hiking Boots

We loved having a cute pair of hiking boots that he could do some serious walking in and also they made for very cute pictures!

toddler running in front of vestrahorn mountain iceland

Link here to the cutest toddler hiking boots

8. Warm Socks
9. Jeans
10. Sweats
11. Wind Resistant Pants

These were a must!! And we have used them multiple times on other vacations since, so they were a good investment for us. We also bought a pair of wind resistant pants for ourselves that we wore almost our entire trip.

Link to the pants we bought here

12. Long Sleeved Shirts

This long sleeved flannel was the perfect everyday shirt for our toddler while we were in Iceland.

family with sleeping baby at fjadrargljufur canyon iceland

Link here to the comfy cozy flannel

13. Short Sleeved T-Shirts
14. Swimsuits

I would recommend bringing at least two swimsuits for your child. If you visit the hot springs daily like we did, this will give the other swimsuit time to dry in between.

15. Hiking Backpack/Front Pack

Having a comfy front pack or hiking backpack is key for having successful hikes with your little one. We have three favorite hiking packs depending on the age of your child.

Care & Sleep Items

1. Sound Machine

You could also use the tablet for this, just don’t forget to charge it during your hotel stay if you have a long drive or flight the next day. Also, don’t forget an outlet adapter since you’ll be in Europe.

Link to the sound machine we use here

2. Books
3. Sleep Sack or Pajamas
4. Baby Blanket
5. Baby Monitor

A baby monitor was really nice to have so we could enjoy some alone time after we put our kiddo to bed. One of our vacation rentals had a hot tub we could sit in and we got to watch the Northern Lights! Definitely one of our best memories of the trip.

6. Diapers

You could buy diapers in Iceland if you need to save room in your suitcase. However, there is a good chance this will be more expensive in Iceland than at home. And we always pack diapers with us so it’s one less trip to the store and then we have room in our suitcase on the way home for the souvenirs we buy.

7. Wipes
8. Diaper Bag
9. Diaper Rash Cream

We’ve found that on long travel days our kids are more prone to diaper rash. It’s a good thing to pack so your little one doesn’t have to be uncomfortable in the car or airplane.

10. Ibuprofen & Tylenol (or other medications)
11. Lotion

It’s especially helpful to have lotion if you plan on visiting the hot springs. Sitting in the water for a long time could dry out yours or your baby’s skin.

12. Toothbrush/Toothpaste
13. Sunscreen
14. Swim Diapers

Travel & Entertainment

1. Ipad or Tablet

If you’re doing a Ring Road Trip, you’ll probably want some kind of entertainment device for your little one. If you’re staying near Reykjavik, you may be able to get away without one, but odds are you’ll have a long plane ride to get to Iceland. We love using Ms. Rachel on YouTube to keep our little ones entertained on long drives.

Link to buy iPad here.

2. Tablet Holder

If your kiddo isn’t old enough to hold the tablet themselves, you’ll probably want a tablet holder to fit on the seat of your rental car. This will save you some headache from not having to try and prop this up or having your little one press buttons.

Tip: If your little one is old enough to hold it, you’ll definitely want to set up guided access on your tablet. Guided access is a setting which allows kids to touch the screen without pressing any buttons or exiting the current screen. It’s a lifesaver!

Link to buy tablet holder here.

3. Road Trip/Airplane Toys

One of our best travel hacks is to make sure you have “new” toys for your kids before a big trip. This can come in the form of toys from the thrift store, something new, or even some of their toys that have been hidden for a while. You just have to make sure they are small enough to pack easily and quiet enough they won’t drive you (or other passengers) crazy. A bonus if it’s a toy that can be easily washed since it’ll likely end up on the airport floor at some point. Some of the toys that our kids have liked in the past are below!

Suction Cup Fidget Spinner – link here

Quiet Book with Shapes & Colors – link here

Small Airplane Figurines – link here

4. Pacifier

If your baby or toddler uses a pacifier, you’ll want to make sure you have extras. The pacifiers will help equalize the pressure in their ears on the airplane takeoff and landing. We’ve lost more pacifiers than we can count while traveling, and if your little one is particular about the pacifier brand, you’ll want to make sure you have enough to compensate for the loss.

5. Bottle

Don’t worry if your child doesn’t take a pacifier, another way to equalize the pressure in their ears on the airplane is to give them a bottle or breastfeed them during takeoff and landing.

6. Sippy Cup

A sippy cup is another good way to keep your baby occupied on the plane. It’s also very convenient to have your own sippy cup when on the road or in restaurants.

7. Snacks

I can’t stress this enough, don’t run out of snacks!! But I probably don’t have to tell you that since you’re a parent. Once you think you have enough snacks, pack a few more. I’ve linked some of our favorite healthy travel snacks below. Of course, you’ll also want to stop at the local Bonus grocery store to try some Icelandic snacks!

Link to buy here

Link to buy here

Link to buy here

8. Kids Headphones

Having headphones for your child is a game changer for the airplane. Then they can watch a movie without disturbing other passengers, and we noticed it made our kid really excited to have something “grown up” for himself.

Link to buy here

9. Car Seat

This is an obvious one, but I like to include this in case you have mom brain like I do when getting ready for a trip!!

Things we didn’t need on our Iceland Trip

A Stroller

I wouldn’t recommend bringing a stroller unless you plan on sticking around Reykjavik. Most of the trails we went on were gravel and not necessarily stroller friendly. If you can manage, I think you’d be better off with a front pack or a hiking backpack. If you’re road tripping around Iceland, the stroller will take up a lot of room in your car as well.

Bassinet or Pack n’ Play

Unless you have specific bedding that you want your baby or toddler to use while visiting Iceland, your accommodations will likely have a pack n’ play or bassinet for you. Iceland is a very family friendly country and every place we stayed had bedding for our kids. I would recommend checking with your hotels or vacation rentals ahead of time to make sure or reserve them if necessary. They are usually free to use as well, and if you can have one less thing to pack through the airport you’ll be happy.

What to do if you forget something

It’s inevitable when traveling with kids that you’ll forget something. Hopefully this packing list prevents that, BUT don’t panic if you do forget something. Getting a small child and yourself ready to go to on an international trip is bound to have your head spinning. Another possibility is that your luggage is lost. We have some tips below on what you can do if you forget something or your bags get lost!

1. Pack the IMportant Items in a Carry-on

The items that should go in your carry-on are items that are hard to replace or very expensive. Don’t forget to pack items for yourself in this bag as well. It’s a good idea to stick an extra outfit for everyone in your carry-on as well. When we arrived in Iceland, our bags actually didn’t make it with us. I had a panic moment that planning a trip to Iceland with a baby was a huge mistake. However, they actually had delivered our bags to our hotel in Reykjavik by that evening and all was well.

2. Check the Local Budget Grocery Store

If you forget or run out of diapers or other care items, the local grocery stores like Bonus should have a good supply. The good news is that Iceland is an incredibly kid and family friendly country, so many of those things are going to be very easy to find.

3. Shop at Barnaloppan

Barnaloppan is a kids consignment store in Reykjavik (right by Bonus). This place is great, and I would recommend visiting while visiting Iceland with a toddler even if you don’t forget something. They have a huge selection of kids clothing, toys, warm weather gear, shoes, you name it! You will be able to find affordable clothing here.

4. Buy Yourself Something New

Take the opportunity, if you don’t mind spending the extra money, to treat yourself and buy some new clothing. From our experience, Iceland has some really quality goods. Unfortunately, souvenirs can be pretty pricey. But your credit card or the airline may reimburse you if your luggage is lost!

Happy travels and enjoy exploring one of the most beautiful countries in the world! Check out some of our other posts about Iceland to help you plan your trip.

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