Cooking Around the World With Kids – Fiji Recipes!

When we aren’t traveling, one of our favorite things to do is trying out new recipes. We started choosing a new country every month to explore through food and learn about. This month is Fiji! We haven’t visited Fiji yet (we’ll really have to save up for that one), but we did get to experience a little bit of Fiji at home. We had a fun day learning about these stunning islands, and got to try a new cuisine. If you’re feeling stuck at home when you wish you were traveling, try this *mostly* free activity (minus the cost of groceries). Enjoy!

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Another Disclaimer: Some of these are not my photos, we haven’t made it to Fiji, yet! I’m definitely not an expert on Fiji. This post is a combination of information I found online, and of our experience with cooking these recipes ourselves.

Cooking Around the World With Kids: The Setup

We looked up a list of all 195 countries and wrote the names of each country on popsicle sticks. Then we put them in a jar and we’ll choose one every time we want to explore a new country.

Next, we used a composition notebook (I like the ones with the squares), and decorated the front to be a “passport” that we can document all of our fun cooking adventures and recipes. You can decorate with travel stickers, markers, glitter, or whatever you want!

Fiji at Home Art Projects

There are so many Fiji art projects you could do with your kids if you’re feeling like getting creative while you spend your “evening in Fiji”. Anything ocean themed, making paper flower crowns, wood carving, or weaving would all be fun Fiji themed crafts.

Fiji Printable Coloring Pages


I found so many tasty looking recipes for Fijian meals and desserts. Fiji has a large population of people of Indian descent, so a lot of their food has an Indian influence with curries and delicious spices. There is also a lot of seafood dishes due to the accessibility of fresh fish on the islands. Since we live in inland Washington, I didn’t make any of the seafood dishes. I’ll be saving those for when I’m lucky enough to visit Fiji. I hope you enjoy these kid friendly recipes from around the world – Fiji edition!

The Appetizer

Fiji Roti (a very simple flatbread)

Fiji Roti was a super easy and quick flatbread recipe that is perfect for serving with curries. The website linked above has a great YouTube video that you can watch for more instructions. I even forgot a step, but the flatbread still turned out. Don’t worry if you don’t have a crepe pan, a skillet worked just fine for me. I also didn’t have ghee on hand when I made this, so I used butter and the recipe turned out great! I’m definitely keeping this recipe for the future, I could see this being an easy staple for the nights we make curry.

The Main Course

Fiji-Indian Chicken Curry

This curry was a delicious Fiji recipe! We tried some new spices that we haven’t used in our curry recipes in the past like mustard seed and cardamom. This recipe was super tasty over rice, and our kids liked it too.

The Dessert

Fijian Honey Cake

This honey cake reminds me a little bit of the texture of banana bread but with a delicious honey ginger taste. If you’re looking for a super easy desert recipe, this is it. It only took me a few minutes to whip up and pop it in the oven.

Other Recipes You can Try

Fun Facts About Fiji!

  1. There are approximately 330 islands in Fiji and just over 100 of them are inhabited!
  2. Drinking water is the #1 export in Fiji
  3. The Fijian Islands were formed from volcanic activity
  4. Rugby is Fiji’s national sport
  5. Fiji has three official languages – English, Fijian, and Fiji Hindi
  6. Cannibalism is part of Fiji’s history, and the reason is still unknown

Photos of Fiji

Bonus: Fiji Snacks!

The cooking is definitely enough for you to have a fun family staycation. But, if you really want to go the extra mile after making some Fiji recipes, I’ve gathered some links for Fiji snacks for you and your kids to try. If you plan ahead you can order some of these for a special surprise to make your Fiji cooking adventure that much more fun.

1. UFOs (stands for unusually flavored objects)

These are burger flavored vegetable chips, link to buy here

2. Bongos

Baked cheese flavored snacks, link to buy here

3. Twisties

Baked chicken flavored snack, made locally in Fiji. Link to buy here

4. Baked Peanut Puffs

Unique flavored treats made with corn and rice grits. Link to buy here

TV, Movies, and Books Set in Fiji

Lastly, if you want to continue this adventure through the evening, turn on a show or movie that was filmed in Fiji, or is about Fiji. Choose one depending on the age of your kids or watch a movie after they go to bed!

TV Shows Set in Fiji

  • Survivor – LOTS of the Survivor seasons are set in Fiji (especially the later seasons). We absolutely love Survivor and watching is a fun family tradition to start!
  • Kicking and Screaming – a reality show that paired one survivalist with a regular person. Unfortunately, this was cancelled after one season, but it was filmed in Fiji.

Movies Set in (or Inspired By) Fiji

  • The Blue Lagoon (rated R)
  • Cast Away (rated PG-13)
  • Moana (Rated PG): the directors visited Fiji, among other islands, for inspiration

Relaxing Fiji Youtube Video

Check out this beautiful video for some relaxing and beautiful background videos. Link here!

If you’re looking for other “Cooking Around the World” posts, check out our New Zealand Cooking Adventure!

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