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17 Eco-Friendly Stocking Stuffers Ideas For Family Travelers

Are you a family that loves to travel looking for the best cheap gifts or stocking stuffers? Here is a list of 13 eco-friendly stocking stuffers ideas for family travelers. This list includes some of our favorite travel toiletries for stocking stuffers, delicious eco-friendly travel snacks, and other small sustainable travel gifts and ideas. Share this list with a travel family or other environmentally conscious friends this holiday season!

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eco-friendly stocking stuffers for Travelers ideas!

This list is great for the traveler in your family who loves our planet earth and wants some small eco-friendly travel gifts. There are tons of eco-friendly travel toiletry items, and many of these sustainable travel items can make traveling by carry-on only so much easier.

1. Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Locust Grove Farm Co. is a small locally owned company that is eco-friendly and sustainable from the product all the way down to the packaging. All of the products are made by hand from all natural ingredients with sustainable, compostable, and refillable or recyclable packing. Shampoo and conditioner bars are great gifts for the traveler in your life because you can ditch the plastic, not worry about liquid limits in your carry on, and not have to worry about liquids leaking in your checked bag. Locust Grove Farm Co. has the most amazing smelling bars for your hair – if you want to be even more eco-friendly – choose the naked option (package free!) You can also feel good about using these bars with all natural ingredients on your little ones hair!

Get your shampoo and conditioner bars here!

2. Silicone Travel Bottles for Toiletries

These reusable bottles are the perfect eco-friendly stocking stuffers for travelers in your life. They are a TSA approved size, and instead of wasting the plastic buying mini versions of all your products, just use these to refill before every trip. Get a different color for each member of your family to keep track of whose liquids are whose! Fill up with diaper rash cream, lotion, and everything else you could need for your family.

Link to the 4 bottle blue set (comes in multiple colors), and Link to the colorful set with several types of bottles!

3. Bar Soap

Locust Grove Farm Co. also has an amazing selection of bar soap. For the same reason as the hair care bars, these are great for saving the environment AND the perfect gift for travelers. Once you make the switch from body wash to bar soap, you will never go back!

All the most amazing smelling soaps here.

4. Reusable Water Bottle

Having a good water bottle is so important! If you have a friend or family member who is still buying Dasani at the airport, it’s time to stuff their stocking with a reusable water bottle. There are so many amazing options out there. So find something that is just the right size to fit in their carry on luggage, and look for sustainable and healthy materials like stainless steel or glass! I love the Hydroflask bottles for keeping both cold and warm liquids and use mine everyday. Plus they come in at least 19 different colors so you can get one for each member of the family.

As far as for little kids – these water bottles are a great stainless steel option. Then you can let them have their own bottle and avoid getting backwash in yours!

5. Toothpaste Tabs

Think you have a travel buddy who has made all the eco-swaps? Check out these toothpaste tabs. They still foam like toothpaste and are made with clean ingredients. These tablets also contain nano-hydroxyapatite, a non-toxic fluoride alternative. These are a great brand to try for those who have tried and failed toothpaste tabs in the past (like myself!)

Link to buy here.

6. Travel Gift Card

While air travel is anything but eco-friendly, getting someone a gift card for an experience rather than an item can be! Instead of buying something new that someone may or may not need. Save the materials and get them a gift that they will absolutely use. Whether this is a hotel gift card, airline gift card, or even a gas card for their next road trip, your travel friend will love it! If you’re looking to surprise your kids with their next trip, get them a gift card to Disney or to a local theme park.

7. Travel Coffee Mug

Another way to save plastic and waste when you’re traveling is to bring a travel coffee mug. Around 75% of Americans drink coffee, so this is a gift that almost everyone you know will enjoy (especially if they are chasing around little ones!) Your favorite traveler will be able to bring this travel coffee mug to coffee shops around the world to refill and save our planet. This cup is a great leakproof option for bringing in your carry on.

8. Reusable Shopping Bag

A reusable shopping bag that can be packaged up small and kept in your carry on? Amazing! The perfect eco-friendly stocking stuffers for travelers – to take along while shopping in the airport, new cities, or just hauling random objects from your car to your hotel room. Another good hack for a reusable shopping bag is to use this for your dirty clothes or even a dirty diaper if you are not near a trash can. Instead of wasting the plastic bag at the hotel, just put your dirty clothes in this and wash the clothes and the bag when you get home. Even better, these bags are made from 100% recycled polyester (from recycled soda bottles). ChicoBags carry up to 25 pounds. Link to buy here.

9. Thrifted Travel Toys

Our number one hack for saving money, protecting the environment, and making our kids SUPER happy during our travels is to hit up your local thrift store. We stop by the thrift store before all of our big trips and pick out several “new” toys that we can bring out one by one in times where the kids are having trouble sitting still (long plane rides, car rides, waiting in lines). This way, you can feel okay about buying a hunk of plastic that your kids aren’t going to love forever, because you can take it right back to the thrift store when you’re done with it. Plus – the toys will probably only set you back a couple bucks each!

10. Bamboo Toothbrush & Travel Case

This toothbrush and toothbrush case combo is the perfect eco-friendly travel gift. The toothbrush and case are made from 100% all natural organic bamboo. Even the packaging is made with recycled material. Also, if anything happens to your travel case or bamboo stand (including splitting, breaking, etc.) within 365 days you are eligible for a free return. Check it out at this link!

If you’re looking for some more colorful options for your little kids, but still want an eco friendly bamboo toothbrush – here are the kid options!

11. Simple Jewelry for Mom

As a fairly frequent traveler myself and Mom of two littles, I love simple jewelry that I can wear all the time. It takes the stress out of packing accessories, but I can still have a little style while chasing two kids around the airport. GLDN Jewelry is a fantastic company that uses 90% recycled metals with all ethically sourced, 85% made to order, and 10% of profits are donated. They have a ton of options for simple, minimalistic jewelry that will make for the perfect stocking stuffer for Mom! You can even personalize the jewelry with initials or birthstones. Check out their beautiful designs here!

12. Bamboo Eye Mask

If you’ve ever been on a flight when they wouldn’t turn off the lights, you know how important a sleep mask can be. Or if you are arriving in a new country and adjusting to the time zone and need to nap during the day. This bamboo eye mask is perfect for travelers, and it’s eco-friendly made from 100% bamboo, inside and out.

13. Chapstick or Lip Balm

Ditch the plastic tube, and use this tinted lip butter instead. It’s packaged in a small eco compostable tube, and is small enough to pack into a pocket or fanny pack. It never fails that my lips get dry the instant I am sitting on an airplane or in the middle of a five hour road trip. Stick this in your bag to make sure you never have to make a trip to the dreaded big box store during travels. There are several non-tinted options on the site as well if you want to share with the kids!

Link to lip balms here

14. 100% Recycled Plastic Travel Toys

This California company makes all it’s products in the USA with safety standards in mind first. Their toys are made with 100% recycled materials (mostly milk jugs). They’ve kept almost 150 million plastic milk jugs out of landfills! They have a few small toys that are the perfect eco-friendly stocking stuffer for little kids. Surprise your kids and bring these along on your adventures for your little kids. See what else Green Toys has to offer.

15. Natural Beeswax Crayons

Honeysticks is a New Zealand based company that handmakes beeswax crayons with 100% Natural and non-toxic food grade ingredients. They also have coloring books made out of 100% recycled paper, and they use no plastic packaging with their products. Crayons are the perfect art project for on the go since they make less of a mess than other crafty activities like playdough or paint! They even have a downloadable digital coloring book if you don’t want to pack more things with you. See all of the Honey Sticks products here

16. Eco-Friendly Stuffed Animal

Okay, this might be the cutest website I’ve ever seen. Loved Before is a company trying to change the narrative around previously used items. They want to show everyone that these toys are made even more special since they have been loved before. Loved Before believes that there are enough soft toys in the world to never make another and still have enough for all kids. Animals arrive at their headquarters, take a trip to the “spa” for cleaning, get a photoshoot, and then are placed up for adoption! Also, at least half of the profits from each bear goes to Make-a-Wish-UK. This is a company you’ll definitely want to support.

Go see which fuzzy friends are up for adoption now and find the perfect small pet for your kids to take on airplane or road trip!

*I want to make a caveat that the most eco-friendly way to buy a used soft toy is by going to your local thrift store and giving it your very own spa treatment. However, if you are looking for a more special experience – Loved Before is a great company.

17. Sustainable and eco-friendly packaged snacks

Eco-friendly and sustainable snacks that are packaged responsibly can be difficult to find. I’ve found a few brands that will be perfect little treats for your kids or your partners stocking. You can feel good about the choices you are making while you’re snacking on a road trip. And you may even save some money by not shopping for snacks in the airport or gas stations!

Alter Eco

Alter Eco is a company that has thought through all of the environmental impacts. They have chocolate truffles and a collection of delicious looking chocolate bars for a sweet travel snack.

  • Health, organic snacks with no GMOs, additives, gluten, or soy ingredients
  • Uses regenerative agriculture which helps nourish the soil and has several positive impacts on the environment
  • Carbon neutral – 100% offset of carbon emissions by planting trees
  • Low/no waste – compostable, recyclable, and post-consumer recycled packaging

Find all of their best snacks here.

Sun & Swell

Sun and Swell is the perfect place to get healthy snacks in all compostable packaging! They offer a huge variety of eco-friendly travel snacks including apple pie bars, fudge brownie bites, nuts and seeds, and dried fruit. All of their products come in compostable packaging that turns back into soil when composted. They also allow you to return wrappers to them if you are unable to compost them yourself.

Stock up on travel snacks here and help support their mission to end single-use plastic in the food industry.

Happy holidays! We hope you loved our list of our favorite eco-friendly stocking stuffers for travelers. Looking for other gift ideas for your kids? Here are 36 Experience Gift Ideas for Kids!

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