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The Best Easy Hikes in Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park

Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park are two of the most family friendly National Parks! Sequoia National Park we found to be especially kid friendly with easy access to lots of kid friendly hikes. There are so many easy and family friendly friendly hikes in both Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. While a huge portion of both parks are backcountry and wilderness (about 93%!), the rest we found to be really accessible with most of the main sights within a short hike.

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1. General Sherman Tree Trail

Distance: 1.2 miles out and back
Elevation gain: 200 feet
Stroller friendly? Not really – it’s partially paved but there are some stairs

The General Sherman Tree Trail is a must do hike with kids in Sequoia National Park. If you only do one easy hike in Sequoia or Kings Canyon, be sure that you make it to the General Sherman Tree. This tree is the largest tree in the entire world (measured by volume). It stands at 275 feet tall and 36 feet in diameter. It’s totally worth it for you and your family to say you’ve seen the biggest tree in the world! It also has an age of 2300-2700 years old – isn’t that incredible??

The trail starts all downhill so be prepared for going uphill on the way back. Want to avoid crowds at the General Sherman Tree? Go early (or late). We went early and had the entire tree to ourselves which was absolutely magical! Since this is the biggest tree in the entire world, it’s the most popular thing to do in Sequoia National Park.

2. The Big Trees Trail

Distance: 1.2 miles
Elevation gain: 108 feet
Stroller friendly? Yes!

This is a stroller or wheelchair friendly trail in Sequoia National Park that you can take your kids on to see some massive trees. It’s a short loop around a meadow with towering Sequoia Trees near the path. There are also several benches if you need a rest and informational signs if you want to learn more about these giant trees! The Giant Forest Museum is only 0.5 mile away from this trail if you want to stop there during the same trip.

View from below of enormous sequoia trees

3. Congress Trail

Distance: 2.9 miles
Elevation gain: 462 feet
Stroller friendly? Not really – the trail is paved, but starts out with lots of steps and a steep decline

The Congress Trail is one of the best easy hikes in Sequoia National Park. If you’re up for it, this is a great hike to tack on to the General Sherman Tree hike since the trailhead is the same. To get to the Congress Trail, you’ll have to park in the General Sherman Tree lot. From there it’s about a half mile down towards the General Sherman Tree where the trail splits off. It’s easy to do both the General Sherman Tree and the Congress Trail at the same time.

On the Congress Trail, you’ll see lots of burned Sequoia trees and some other massive Sequoia trees along the trail. Since this trail is a little longer, you’ll lose some of the crowds that just go to the General Sherman Tree and turn around!

4. Moro Rock

Distance: 0.5 mile roundtrip
Elevation: 183 feet
Stroller friendly? No, definitely not

This hike is kid friendly in the sense that it is short and easily accessed. The Moro Rock hike is 350 granite stairs that take you to the top of an enormous granite dome with 360 degree views. The Moro Rock hike is another must do hike in Sequoia National Park but is an extremely popular hike. It is very crowded and narrow. We visited mid day and I wish we would have made this a sunset or early morning hike because of the crowds. There were a lot of kids on this hike, but I personally would only recommend this hike for older kids and kids that you seriously trust with heights and being safe!

We took our mobile 1 year old halfway up this hike and realized this was not a safe hike for him. He was squirmy in our arms and there are parts of this trail that are very crowded and tight with huge drop offs. He stayed halfway with his Grandma while we took turns hiking to the top. Luckily, this trail is short so we all got to see the stunning views at the top.

Panoramic views from the top of moro rock, sequoia national park

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5. Zumwalt Meadows

Distance: 1.5 miles
Elevation: 150 feet
Stroller friendly? No

Unfortunately, this trail has been intermittently closed over the past few years due to fires and winter damage to the roads. However, if this trail does reopen it’s a great hike with kids in Kings Canyon National Park! If you want to extend your hike further to Muir Rock you can which would probably add another couple miles roundtrip. However, you may just want to get back into the car and drive to Muir Rock if you plan on swimming, especially if you have your kiddos with you!

6. Roaring River Falls

Distance: 0.3 miles
Elevation: 25 feet
Stroller friendly? Yes!

This trail is also closed as of 2023 due to winter damage to the roads, but this is a great easy waterfall hike in Kings Canyon National Park. Roaring River Falls is another busy spot because it’s such a short walk to the falls, but if you go early you could have a great spot to sit and enjoy the beautiful waterfall. Definitely make a stop here during your Kings Canyon National Park trip.

Roaring river falls, waterfall in kings canyon national park

7. General Grant Loop

Distance: 0.7 mile loop
Elevation: Mostly flat
Stroller friendly? Yes

This is a great easy hike in Kings Canyon National Park to see the Sequoia trees! General Grant is the second largest tree in the world by volume and definitely worth checking out. We also loved on this short loop that there were trees you could walk through like a tunnel – it was super fun for us and our kids! Since this is a popular trail, we would recommend arriving at the trailhead early to make sure you get parking and avoid the crowds.

Hikes we didn’t love…. but you might!

Crescent Meadow Loop

Distance: 1.3 miles
Elevation: 130 feet
Stroller friendly? No

This hike is a great nature walk and there wasn’t anything wrong with it. However, if you have limited time in the park, I would skip this one and prioritize some of the other hikes. If you have extra time it is still definitely worth doing, but not as impressive as some of the others! I will add that we didn’t go to this trail early, and since there is a beautiful meadow you may be able to spot wildlife here early in the mornings or the evenings.

This is also near Tunnel Log if you’re planning to visit there it’s a good time to do both in the same trip!

Map of Easy Hikes in Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park

There you go, our favorite easy hikes in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park! These two parks are so family friendly and we had such a great time visiting. We hope you enjoy these hikes – let us know in the comments if you liked these hikes or any others in Sequoia or Kings Canyon National Park!

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We hope you enjoy Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park as much as we do. Happy Travels!

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