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8 Fun Family Friendly Bike Trails in Spokane, Washington

Spokane is a very bike friendly city, and there is no shortage of excellent bike trails. If you’re looking for the best bike trails in Spokane to take your kids, you’re in luck! Here are 8 of our favorite family friendly places to bike near Spokane. From state parks, to city trails, to beautiful views, we’ve got you covered. Happy riding!

1. Spokane’s Centennial Trail

Distance: 40 miles one way
Paved? yes!

Spokane’s Centennial Trail is an absolute gem and is one of best family friendly bike trails near Spokane. It stretches all the way from Riverside State Park to the Idaho border so there is a ton of variety. You’ll definitely never get bored on this trail with the huge variety of viewpoints.

There are even sections of the trail that pass by parks, places to get donuts (Hello Sugar!), downtown Spokane, and the beautiful Spokane River. There are some parts of the trail that have steep drop offs on the side, so certain sections of the trail might not be the safest for young riders who struggle with steering!

2. Route of the Hiawatha Bike TRail

Distance: 15 miles
Paved? No

The Hiawatha Bike Trail is an iconic day trip from Spokane. This kid friendly bike trail has so many exciting parts. You’ll start the trail with a  1.66 mile long St. Paul Pass Tunnel, also known as the Taft Tunnel. The tunnel is dark, so you’ll need head lamps, but it sure is fun!

The rest of the trail is mostly downhill and you can catch a shuttle back to the top when you’re finished. The Hiawatha is definitely a bucket list activity near Spokane/CDA! Here is the official website which you should definitely read before visiting!

3. Columbia Plateau State Park Trail

Distance: 130 miles
Paved? 3.75 miles of the trail is paved

Columbia Plateau State Park Trail is a somewhat hidden gem of a bike trail near Spokane. You can park at Fish Lake or the main access point to Columbia Plateau State Park and easily ride an out and back of the 3.75 mile paved section. You’ll even be able to play in the lake at the end!

4. Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes

Distance: 73 miles
Paved? Yes!

The Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes is my favorite of the bike trails near Spokane. This stunning paved trail stretches from Plummer to Mullan. You’ll ride along Lake Coeur d’Alene, over the fun Chatcolet Bridge, past the town of Harrison (with fun dining options), through marshy moose habitat, and so much more. It’s an absolutely beautiful trail that can be ridden in different sections as an out and back, or as a one way with some ride coordinating.

5. Lincoln Park Loop

Distance: 1.6 miles
Paved? Yes!

Lincoln Park Loop is a paved path located on Spokane’s South Hill. The trail is very wide and is about a 1.5 mile loop. If you’re looking for a really wide paved trail that is easier for kids learning, this would be the spot! You can also see views of the city and some wildflowers in the spring.

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6. Coeur d’ Alene Parkway State Park

Distance: 5.7 miles
Paved? Yes!

Coeur d’Alene Parkway State Park is 5.7 miles of paved trail that goes along the beautiful Lake Coeur d’Alene. It’s perfect for biking with kids near CDA or Spokane! This trail is part of the North Idaho Centennial Trail, which is listed below.

7. North Idaho Centennial Trail

Distance: 23 miles
Paved? Yes!

North Idaho’s Centennial Trail provides 23 miles of paved trail through the scenic Idaho panhandle. This trail connects to Spokane’s Centennial Trail at the Washington-Idaho border, and goes through Spokane to meet up with Coeur d’Alene Parkway State Park and ends at Higgens Point. It takes you by several restaurants, through North Idaho College’s campus, by McEuen Park, and the CDA Resort. There are so many potential fun stops along the way!

8. The Ben Burr Trail

Distance: 2.4 miles
Paved? Yes!

The Ben Burr trail is located on Spokane’s South Hill and is another Spokane hidden gem. This trail is perfectly paved and starts at Liberty Park and goes uphill gradually to Underhill Park. The trail has a lot of wildflowers in the Spring and some pretty views of Spokane as well. You’ll have partial shade which makes this trail perfect for a hot summer morning as well. Hungry afterwards? Stop at the nearby Grain Shed for a breakfast sandwich or coffee! Liberty Park also has a nice folf course if you’re looking for other fun activities to do with your family.

We hope you enjoy this list of bike trails in Spokane, WA! What other places do you like to bike with your kids?

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