family with dogs and baby at bowl and pitcher spokane washington

The 13 Best Hikes in Spokane: Family Friendly Trails and Parks

Spokane has so many amazing outdoor places to walk or hike with your kids! Use this guide to choose a new place to explore with your kids and get outside. We love finding new kid friendly hikes in Spokane and are continually amazed with all of the fantastic state parks and recreation areas in this wonderful city.

family with dogs and baby at bowl and pitcher spokane washington

Don’t forget your stroller, front pack, or hiking backpack. Also, check out our post Hiking with a Baby: Everything you Need to Pack for a Successful Day so you have the best day possible!

Map – Best Family Friendly Hiking Spokane

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1. Bowl and Pitcher lOOP at Riverside State Park

Distance: 2.0 miles
Elevation gain: 124 feet

Stroller friendly? Partially, but not really, I personally wouldn’t bring a stroller on this hike!

One of my favorite hikes in Spokane! This hike starts out by crossing the river on a beautiful wooden bridge and then the trail leads along the river and through the woods on a loop trail. Visit in the Spring to see balsam root blooms and other beautiful wildflowers along the trail. Discover pass is required which can be purchased in the parking lot since Bowl and Pitcher is part of Riverside State Park. If you get hungry afterwards, stop and get a quick breakfast at Taco Vado or Sandos or lunch/dinner at the Flying Goat.

2. Spokane River Centennial Trail State Park tRAIL sYSTEM

Distance: 40 miles of trail
Stroller friendly? Yes!

This trail has something for everyone and is one of the most popular places to walk or run in Spokane! Walk, bike, or rollerblade as far as you want through downtown Spokane, near the Spokane River, or through the Spokane Valley to the Idaho border. Start on any of the sixteen trailheads for a different path and explore a new section of the centennial trail each time you visit. A discover pass is required for access to trailheads within the state parks but most of the trail is accessible without the pass. Check out the full map here!

3. pINEcLIFF tRAIL lOOP: Dishman Hills Natural Area

Distance: 1.5 miles
Elevation: 216 feet

Stroller friendly? No

The Pinecliff Loop Trail is a wonderful and magical little trail that starts just off the road in Spokane Valley at the entrance to the Dishman Hills Natural Area. The trail will take you past a playground at the start where you can veer to the left of the building you’ll encounter. Then proceed through the forest and alongside massive moss covered boulders. Most of the trail is really safe and easy for kids. There is one part of the loop that requires a little bit of agility to get through a rock area, but we didn’t have any trouble with it.

I would recommend looking at the trail on All Trails as you walk so you don’t get lost. There are a ton of other trails in the Dishman Hills area if you want to explore more. We’ve also hiked the Rocks of Sharon Trail with our little kids, but it was a pretty tough hike for us with little ones! Definitely a beautiful and iconic hike in Spokane though!

4. Blue Bunch Loop: Dishman Hills (Glenrose Trailhead)

Distance: 1.20 miles
Elevation: 124 feet
Stroller Friendly? No

We walked the Blue Bunch Loop from the Glenrose Trailhead (part of Dishman Hills but easier accessed from the South Hill). This little loop was 1.20 miles and 124 feet of elevation through the woods and out to a fun viewpoint with kids.

5. Rimrock Conservation Area Palisades Park Loop Trail

Distance: 2.9 miles
Elevation gain: 82 feet
Stroller friendly? Yes – a well maintained dirt and gravel path

This trail is not heavily traveled so it was a nice private trail to enjoy nature in solitude! From here you can see great views of the city of Spokane from a distance. If you are walking with a stroller, just keep in mind that the trail narrows so you may want to turn around at that point after the trail is no longer the gravel path.

view of spokane from rimrock drive palisades park

6. Manito Park

Stroller friendly? Yes but there are some hills!

Stroll through Manito Park’s five major garden areas, including the Duncan Gardens, the Joel E. Ferris Perennial Garden, Rose Hill, Nishinomiya-Tsutakawa Japanese Garden (make sure to check the Japanese Garden hours since it has a locked gate), and the Lilac Garden. Also visit the Gaiser Conservatory (closed Wednesdays) and the Mirror Pond to watch the ducks or stop at one of the two Manito Park playgrounds to let your little ones burn off some energy. End the day by getting some ice cream or snacks at The Scoop!

Tip: Manito Park also has amazing Christmas lights during the winter which you can walk or drive through!

7. Beacon Hill Trail

Distance: 2.5 miles
Elevation gain: 557 feet
Stroller friendly? No

Part of Minnehaha park, also a popular trail for mountain bikers so keep your eyes peeled while you hike! There are lots of trails here that cross each other so if you can use a GPS of some sort or download the trail data ahead of time it may help you not get off track.

8. John A. Finch Arboretum

Distance: ~1.25 miles
Stroller friendly? Yes

A 65 acre park located just minutes from downtown Spokane with a huge variety of native trees and shrubs. A self-guided walking tour through the park is about 1.25 miles and is stroller friendly. Whether you visit in the Spring to see the blooms, Summer to catch some shade when everything is green, or Fall to see the stunning shades of orange and red, you will not be disappointed. See the map here for a self-guided walking tour.

9. Cedar Grove via Liberty Creek Trail

Distance: 4.7 miles
Elevation gain: 475 feet
Stroller friendly? No

This is a wonderful, fairly low traffic hike that will keep you and the kids shaded most of the way through the woods to a peaceful cedar grove at the end. While this hike is not technically in Spokane, it is very close nearby in Liberty Lake!

10. Mount Spokane

Stroller friendly? Not really, I would stick to a front pack or hiking pack for this one!

You can follow one of the popular trails like Bald Knob (2.0 miles) or Quartz Mountain Lookout (4.5 miles) or walk along one of the many other unmarked trails if you just want to take a walk with your kids and enjoy the peace!

toddler hiking at mount spokane state park

11. Columbia Plateau Trail State Park

Stroller friendly? Yes!

This hidden gem of a state park has 38 miles of hiking and biking trails. The trail starts at Fish Lake with 3.75 miles of paved road perfect for biking or walking a stroller. The main trail continues on for 19.25 miles of a crushed gravel path. The path crosses two lakes, Fish Lake and Amber Lake and crosses through the Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge. Keep your eyes peeled for marmots, deer, elk moose, other small mammals, and over 200 species of birds. This would be a great spot to bring your binoculars to watch for birds while you eat a picnic lunch!

12. The South Hill Bluff Trails

Stroller friendly? No

The bluff has over 22 miles of trails that are easily accessed from several different points along the road. Not stroller friendly, but many of the trails are kid friendly and not overcrowded. Visit in the spring to see the beautiful balsam root, and other wildflowers blooming! Click here to see the trails map. Also, watch out for mountain bikers when walking this trail since this is a popular spot for bikers and runners.

13. Mirabeau trail and Spokane River Centennial Trail Loop

Distance: 1.2 miles
Elevation: 50 feet
Stroller friendly? Yes

The Mirabeau Trail is an easy, partially paved loop that goes along the Spokane River and meets up with the Centennial Trail for part of it. You’ll also go past a fish pond and next to a seasonal, manmade waterfall. This little trail is great for kids, but can be a bit confusing. I would definitely recommend looking at the AllTrails map for this one!

Okay, this is our list of our favorite hikes in Spokane (and parks) to explore with your kids. I hope you enjoy getting outside and exploring with your little ones! Ready to hit happy hour after a hike? Check out our list of 100+ Happy Hours in Spokane or the Complete List of Happy Hours in Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake!

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