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Baby Road Trip Essentials: Everything You Need to Pack!

Okay so you’ve had a baby, congratulations! Now you have to figure out how to take care of him or her and that can be overwhelming. Hopefully you’re getting into a routine with your new little addition, and you’re ready to take them on their first road trip! While this is an exciting milestone, it can be tough to know what to pack or how to not have a terribly stressful time. This list will give you all the baby road trip essentials, and some of the other stuff you already have so you don’t forget anything!

Whether you are taking this road trip with your newborn for a fun adventure or to show them off to your family, this packing list will help make sure you don’t forget the items you need. Use this packing list and ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. We took our first road trips with both boys within a week of them being born and we’ve had our fair share of mishaps along the way.

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Baby Road Trip Essentials for the Car

  • CAR MIRROR – this will help ease your mind if you can look back and see that your baby is okay! Alternately you could have one adult sit in the back seat with your baby
  • BLANKET – temperature regulation can be tough in the car, bring a blanket just in case
  • CAR SNACKS – I think it’s generally best practice to not let your kids eat in their car seats. However when our babies were old enough we would give them these little wafer snacks to eat in the car for when they got fussy.
  • CAR TOY – you probably have something around the house already that will keep baby occupied in the car, but some of the little car toys that have worked well for us in the past are this little baby rattle toy, and these window suction cups, also these pop it toys! And of course a good teething toy if your baby is teething.
  • STROLLER – this one can go either way. You may not have room for the stroller. We usually don’t bring this when we go places, but depending on what kind of trip you are taking, you may need this or a front pack carrier.
  • CAR SEAT COVER – this is very nice to have so the sun doesn’t shine on baby if you have a removable car seat that you take into restaurants or other public places
  • Any medications/prescriptions baby might need

What to Pack: Diaper Supplies

This section may be a little obvious, but I’m including all of this because I know how your brain may feel after just having a baby.

  • Diapers (bring more than you think you’ll need. Also try to go a size up on the diapers to help prevent blowouts while on the road)
  • Wipes
  • Diaper bag
  • Diaper rash cream (sitting in the car too long can cause this so make sure you pack this)
  • Diaper changing pad having a portable changing pad is crucial. While on the road, you never know where you’ll have to stop and change your baby. We usually just lay the diaper changing pad on the seat of the car and change them there so we can avoid gas station bathrooms or putting them on the ground.

What to Pack: Feeding Supplies

Obviously this section and the diaper section are the most important. So I’m putting both at the top in case you get distracted with a crying baby while reading this post!

  • Breast milk or Formula – even if you are exclusively breast feeding, it doesn’t hurt to have some formula on hand in case of an emergency
  • Breastfeeding cover – this one doubles as a car seat cover, super handy to have if you’ll be in public!
  • Bottle
  • Small Portable Cooler
  • Breast pump/charger
  • Breast milk storage bags

What to Pack: Baby Clothes

  • Extra outfits – I’m not going to list out every single article of clothing, because I don’t know where you are road tripping to and you won’t pack the same type of outfits if you’re going camping vs going to the beach. Just whatever it is, bring extra. These kids manage to destroy way more outfits than you think, even if you overestimate. And sitting in a car seat can make a blowout just that much more likely.
  • Extra pajamas
  • Cute outfit for pictures
  • Hat – beanie if it’s cold or a sun hat if it’s hot

What to Pack for Baby: Sleep Essentials

What you Don’t need for a Road Trip with Baby?

I know it’s tempting to pack up the entire house when you’re going on a road trip. Just make sure you’re thinking about what you REALLY need and what you can get away with not having for a few days. Babies really need less than we think!! It’s going to depend on you and your situation what you really need or don’t need, but I challenge you to think about each item you pack before loading up the car – do you really need it for your trip?

Now that you’re all packed for your road trip, read our 10 Tips to Help you Survive Baby’s First Road Trip!

Okay, you’re ready and have all your baby road trip essentials! Good luck and we hope you enjoy your first road trip with baby! After this, you are on track to becoming an expert traveler with your kids. Check out our other packing lists (and survival guides) to make sure you are prepared for whatever adventure you choose next.

Leave us a comment with how your first road trip with baby went!

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