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10 Day Iceland Itinerary With Kids: The Best Ring Road Trip!

Are you planning your Iceland vacation but are getting overwhelmed with what to do? Here is a detailed 7-10 day Iceland Itinerary with kids! This itinerary will give you all the best Ring Road stops including activities that both kids and adults will absolutely love. We’ll cover stunning waterfalls, family friendly hikes, our favorite hot springs, and so much more. This was our favorite vacation we have taken as a family so far for so many reasons. Iceland is one of the most family friendly countries and safest country in the world! Not to mention it is one of the most naturally beautiful countries you’ll ever encounter. You will not regret visiting Iceland with your kids.

This Iceland itinerary with kids will take you through each day of your Iceland vacation, where to stay, places to eat, and all the best things to do with kids.

10 Day Iceland Itinerary With Kids:
The Ring Road

Day 1 Iceland: Arrive in Reykjavik!

Welcome to the most beautiful country in the world. And congratulations, you survived the journey to Iceland with your kids! Hop off your flight and take your obligatory picture with the famous “Exit to Iceland” sign. We were a little rundown after a 7 hour flight with a one year old (hence the missing shoes in our picture!). Our kiddo was obviously very excited to get to the exploring!

baby and exit to iceland sign airport

Stop #1: Keflavik to Reykjavik

Part of today’s schedule is going to depend on your flight schedule. Our flight arrived at 6 AM local time, so we had the entire day to explore. You’ll want to get your rental car and drive from Keflavik to Reykjavik (~45 minute drive). If the local time is a significant time difference, you’ll probably want to take the opportunity to get a nap in. We were exhausted after our overnight flight with a baby, so we used the early check in at our hotel to sleep for 3-4 hours. We felt refreshed after this and set out for some breakfast and a day exploring Reykjavik.

Stop #2: DEIG Workshop & Bonus Grocery Store

Grab a quick breakfast and coffee at DEIG Workshop, they have a ton of tasty breakfast sandwiches, bagels, and pastries. Then head over to Bonus, the local budget grocery store, and stock up on snacks and food items for your cooler. It’s a good idea to have a cooler so you are ready to start your Ring Road trip the next day. Pick out some fun, new Icelandic candy and snacks to try on the road.

TIP: If you think you’ll need a little extra caffeine during your road trip, try the Collab energy drinks – we loved them and are still bummed we can’t find them in the US.

Stop #3: Iceland’s Rainbow Street

Next up is Iceland’s Rainbow Street (Skolavordustigur is what you might see on the map). Walk along this lively street and take in your first iconic photo spot on your Iceland itinerary with kids.

  • Pick out some souvenirs (beware, Iceland is expensive!)
  • Get ice cream at Eldur og is which means fire and ice – try the salted licorice flavor if you’re looking for something uniquely Icelandic
  • Eat a hot dog from Baejarins Betzo Pyylsur, a famous Iceland spot

Stop #4: Harpa Concert Hall & the Sun Voyager

End your day at Harpa Concert Hall and explore this amazingly beautiful piece of architecture. Since you’re visiting Harpa with kids, make sure to visit the unique interactive kids area that is related to sound and music.

If the weather is nice, walk or drive over to the Sun Voyager for sunset since both stops are nearby to each other.

Reykjavik is the biggest city in Iceland, and it’s capital, so there are a ton of options for great things to do for both adults and kids. If you have more time in Reykjavik or want to try different activities, head over to our Guide to Reykjavik with Kids: Our 19 Favorite Things to Do.

Where to stay in Reykjavik:

  • Midgardur by Center Hotels (free breakfast)
  • Townhouse Hotels (beautiful room decor but less walkable)

Reykjavik is one of the places it’s easiest to find more budget accommodations. As I’ve said before, the city is extremely safe and many parts of the city are walkable depending on the weather. So I would recommend doing some quick browsing to find something that fits your style and budget.

Where to eat in Reykjavik:

  • Kaffi Loki – try the famous rye bread ice cream, but be warned they have really small portions
  • Elder og Is – Ice cream! If you’re feeling adventurous, try the traditional salted licorice flavor
  • Bombay Bazaar – Indian food
  • Bastard Brew & Food – American style bar/pub, fun happy hour
  • Kaffivagninn – the oldest restaurant in Iceland, a no frills breakfast option
  • Baejarins Betzo Pyylsur – this place is famous for their hot dogs. You may see a line out front but it’ll go fast!
  • Icelandic Street Food
  • DEIG Workshop – excellent breakfast bagels
  • Braud & Co – arguably some of the best cinnamon rolls in the world and a MUST stop for your Iceland itinerary with kids. Stop and get some pastries for the road or for your walk over to Hallgrimskirkja Church (or both!)

Total drive time for day one: 45 minutes from Keflavik airport to Reykjavik

Day 2 Iceland: The Golden Circle

Stop #1: Braud & Co and Hallgrimskirkja Church

Start your morning by heading over to Braud & Co for one of the best cinnamon rolls of your life! Grab some coffee and pastries and take the short walk to Hallgrimskirkja Church (the largest church in Iceland) to explore before taking off on your Golden Circle adventure. You can explore around the outside and interior of the church for free. If you want to take a ride to the top of the church tower, you can buy a ticket for roughly 10 USD.

baby walking in front of hallgrimskirkja church reykjavik iceland

Stop #2: Thingvellir National Park

Next, get on the road and drive about 45 minutes from Reykjavik to Thingvellir National Park. This was a good first stop on our Ring Road trip and I would highly recommend doing your Ring Road trip in this direction. Thingvellir National Park has beautiful scenery, like all of Iceland, but if I visited here after seeing the rest of Iceland, I might not be as impressed. It costs about $5 to park at Thingvellir with easy pay stations in the parking lot, but there is no entrance fee to the park.

While at Thingvellir, walk the Almannagja Gorge (Game of Thrones fans don’t miss this one!) Most of the sites can be accessed through the main trail which is flat except for a steep decline right at the beginning. While it is definitely walkable for kids, it is not stroller friendly because it is mostly gravel, as are many trails in Iceland. I would recommend bringing a front pack or hiking backpack for most of the trails if your little one isn’t walking yet. Follow signs for Oxararfoss Waterfall or just walk along the trail as far as you’d like and turn around when you are ready to move on.

Optional Stop: Efstidalur for Ice Cream

Up next, if you’re ready for a snack, I would recommend stopping for ice cream at Efstidalur. This is a dairy farm, and a unique experience as you watch the cows who produced the ice cream through the windows while you eat!

Stop #3: Geysir Geothermal Area

Drive about 15 minutes down the road to Geysir Geothermal Area at Haukadalur. If you skip ice cream, this is about 45 minutes from Thingvellir National Park. Here you can see Strokkur, a geyser which erupts about every 8 minutes. It’s definitely worth a quick stop to walk around the area and check out the hot pots.

geysir area iceland golden circle

Stop #4: Gulfoss

Only nine minutes up the road from the Geysir area is Gulfoss, meaning Golden Falls, our first major waterfall! View the falls from several different viewpoints as you walk along the walkway. This path feels safer than some of the other waterfalls because there is a solid fence. You might just get lucky with a rainbow over the falls too!

dad and son visiting gulfoss waterfall golden circle iceland

Stop #5: Fontana Geothermal Baths

For one of the last stops of the day, make your way to Fontana Geothermal Baths about 30 minutes from Gulfoss. This was one of the best hot springs we visited and wasn’t crowded at all while we were there. There are fun little fountains and lots of shallow areas that are kid friendly. If you’re feeling brave you can jump into the lake for a cold plunge (do it, you won’t regret it!) This hot spring is one of our favorite stops on this Iceland itinerary with kids.

mom and baby at fontana geothermal baths golden circle iceland

If you’re not stopping at the Fontana Geothermal Baths you could make a stop at Fridheimar. This is an indoor tomato farm that we didn’t make it to, but looks amazing! It’s definitely recommended to book a table in advance because this is a popular place.

Your last potential stop of the day is Kerid Crater which has about a $3 entrance fee. We didn’t actually make it here because we were ready for dinner, but it’s a stop we will be making on our next Iceland vacation.

Stop #6: Selfoss for the night

Now make your way to Selfoss for dinner at Kaffi Krus and stock up on the groceries you need at the Kronan right next door.

Where to stay in Selfoss:

Total drive time for Reykjavik to the Golden Circle to Selfoss: ~2 hours 45 minutes
*if you are skipping the Golden Circle and driving straight to Selfoss, the drive time would be a little less than an hour

Day 3 Iceland: A Day of Waterfalls

This is one of the busier sections of Iceland’s Ring Road, so you’ll want to get an early start. If you start your day early enough, you’ll also miss the tour groups. In our experience, everything is more special when we don’t have to compete with the crowds.

Stop #1: Seljalandsfoss

This day is filled with incredible waterfalls and one of our favorite days of the entire trip. Get an early start to beat the crowds at your first waterfall, Seljalandsfoss! This was my favorite waterfall that we visited while in Iceland and is about a one hour drive from Selfoss. Seljalandsfoss is slightly less kid-friendly for tiny kids because you will get wet walking behind the waterfall. So if the weather is chilly, they might not like it too much. However, if you can swing it to take turns with your partner while you walk behind the waterfall you will not regret it. If you’re taking the kids behind the waterfall, make sure you put on their warm hat, waterproof pants, shoes, and jackets.

Father and son with beautiful waterfall view at Seljalandafjoss waterfall in Iceland

Stop #2: Skogafoss

Get back in the car and head about 30 minutes down the road to Skogafoss, another epic waterfall. I’m telling you this waterfall was massive, and another one of my favorites. We got to admire it from the bottom and also climbed the stairs to the right up to the top of the waterfall for a different viewpoint. Its a relatively short climb up to the top, so we were able to make it with our little one. However, some parts of the stairs were missing railings so be very careful taking kids up here.

Optional Stop:

Drive 20 more minutes to Loftsalir Cave. I sat in the car during the visit to Loftsalir Cave because we had a sleeping toddler in the car, but Dane hiked up to the cave and loved it. Depending on how old your kids are you could consider taking this hike with them as well, but it was a little steep.

loftsalir cave iceland

Stop #3: Dyrholaey Viewpoint

Just 30 minutes from Skogafoss, or 10 minutes from Loftsalir, you’ll find one of my other favorite Ring Ring stops. You are heading to Dyrholaey Viewpoint. The view from this high up is absolutely incredible, and is definitely one of the best views in Iceland. I would not recommend skipping this if possible because it was one of my favorite stops. I truly felt like I was on another planet while up here. From the top you have 360-degree views of the black sand beaches, glaciers, and mountains and you will be able to see for miles.

Stop #4: Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach

The last major stop of the day is about 20 minutes from Dyrholaey and this is the famous black sand beach, Reynisfjara. This beach is beautiful, and you can sometimes spot puffins here depending on the season. There are caves, basalt columns, and the black sand that is so unique to Iceland.

NOTE: Please be careful at this beach, follow the signs, and don’t get too close to the water. There are sneaker waves here, and several people have died by not following the safety precautions.

ANOTHER NOTE : Be careful opening your car door too far here (or anywhere), the wind can pick up and rip the doors off of your car. Not the kind of detour you want to have to make!

Optional stop: Vik I Myrdal Church

Take a picture of the iconic Vik I Myrdal Church. This church is gorgeous and definitely makes for some great pictures, but if you’re crunched for time, I would skip this stop and prioritize the previously mentioned stops.

Optional stop:

After we ate dinner, we stopped at the local pool for a soak. This was one of the smaller pools we visited, but still had several warm pools, a sauna, and a cold tub. We love the water so we stopped at the hot pools almost every night and this one was less than $10 per adult to visit. Such a good way to wind down and relax after a busy day.

Where to stay in Vik:

Vik is one of the more expensive towns for accommodations, but also one of the most beautiful towns in Iceland so it makes sense!

Where to eat in Vik:

Total drive time: Selfoss to Vik with stops (~2.5 hours)

group of sheep in pasture in vik iceland

Day 4 Iceland: The Land of Ice

Stop #1: Skool Beans

Today starts with a stop at one of my favorite coffee shops I’ve ever visited, Skool Beans, on your way out of town. A school bus made into a coffee shop, with the friendliest workers, and fun and delicious coffee. They also have bagels if you’re looking for a quick breakfast.

toddler and skool beans cafe school bus iceland

Optional stop: Yoda Cave (Hjorleifshofdi Cave)

This isn’t a common stop for people, but Dane loves Star Wars so I surprised him by making a stop here. Let’s be real, the whole itinerary was a surprise to him, but this stop was specifically for him! We visited fairly early in the morning and were the only ones there. It’s a little off the beaten path (about 9 miles from Vik) and the road was a little rough. So drive at your own risk, but we had fun stopping here.

Stop #2: Eldhraun

This place is a little bit hard to find since there are several miles of lava fields along the road. It was about 45-50 minutes away from Vik and was just a quick pull out on the side of the road. This stop really blew me away with the amazing lava formations. You will definitely not see a landscape like this anywhere else. There are several little established paths you can follow through the lava.

eldhraun lava fields iceland

Stop #4: Fjadrargljufur Canyon

Another 15-20 minutes along the road will get you to Fjadrargljufur Canyon. There was no sign that we saw on the road, so I would recommend using your GPS if you have one. This trail was 2 miles roundtrip and very doable with kids. There is a waterfall at the end and a view into this majestic canyon. This was another of my favorite stops on our 10 Day Iceland Itinerary!

Next we drove about an hour and fifteen minutes to Svinafellsjokull. This part of the drive is so fun as you start to see the massive glaciers come into view. We stopped and hiked to Svinafellsjokull, it was amazing to see a glacier up this close and hear the sounds the glacier makes. Unfortunately, this trail is now closed due to a landslide.

Stop #4: Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

From Svinafellsjokull the next stop is Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, about 1 hour drive, but about about 2 hours from Fjadrargljufur Canyon. We were told this was the better of the two glacier lagoons, but we didn’t have time to visit the other one, Fjallsarlon. The color of the water, with the massive glaciers floating was unlike anything we had ever seen. There are a few very short hiking trails here to get to different viewpoints of the lagoon.

Stop #5: Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach is a must see and is right across the road from Jokulsarlon Lagoon. The black sand contrasting with the pieces of ice washed up on shore was incredible. Our kiddo loved to go around and touch the ice. Be warned, this is a very popular stop. Especially if you visit midday like we did. It’s also possible to show up to a beach with no ice, so be prepared for that possibility depending on the time of year you visit. This was our last stop of the day before we headed to the Viking Cafe Guesthouse.

Where to stay near Hofn:

  • Viking Cafe Guesthouse – this is a great location near Vestrahorn, free breakfast, and also gets you free access to Vestrahorn which normally costs about $8. Note that this accomodation is not in the town of Hofn.
  • Hotel Hofn

Where to eat in Hofn:

  • Pakkhus
  • Kaffi Hornid
  • Ishusid Pizzeria

Total drive time: Vik to Hofn with stops: ~ 4 hours

Day 5 Iceland: Vestrahorn and Lava Fields

Stop #1: Vestrahorn

We started our morning with a trip over to Vestrahorn for sunrise since we were staying so close. We were the only ones there, and the view of the mountain was stunning. There is an entrance station near Vestrahorn by the Viking Cafe Guesthouse and you do have to pay a small fee (about $6-8). However, this fee is waived if you are staying at the Viking Cafe Guesthouse.

Optional stop: Djupavogskorin Natural Hot Spring

This would be about 1.5 hours from Vestrahorn. We didn’t stop here because we had a napping baby and wanted to get as far as we could while he slept. Be forewarned there are no facilities to change or use the bathroom here, but it’s natural hot spring.

Stop #2: Djupivogur

There aren’t too many stops that are right along the road on this day like previous days. The next place we stopped was Djupivogur. It’s a little picturesque fishing town that we stopped in to gas up and get coffee at the Langabud Museum Cafe. There is also an art installation nearby called “The Eggs of Merry Bay” if you want to stop for a little longer.

Optional stops: Hengifoss, Litlanesfoss, and Seydisfjordur

Keep in mind these would add some drive time, but if you want to check out a few more waterfalls or an artsy little town you can stop!

Stop #3: Egilsstadir

Get back on the road towards Egilsstadir. It is important that you stay on the ring road, and don’t turn on 939 when the road splits unless you have a 4×4 or know the area. That road can be especially hazardous in the winter. Our GPS was really misleading during this part so pay close attention. Keep on the road for about 2 more hours through the East Fjords until you hit Egilsstadir.

Get checked into your hotel and get dinner or head to the hot springs!

Stop #4: Vok Baths or the local pool

We went to Vok Baths. This was the most expensive hot spring we visited while in Iceland and it was our least favorite, but we still had an enjoyable experience here (~$50 per person). The pool was a little slimy when we visited. However, if it was more clean it would have been great. It has a great view, free tea included with a soak, a sauna, an option to jump into the lake, and a swim up bar to get drinks. Another option for pools in this area is the local pool in Egilsstadir which has two hot tubs, a children’s pool, a cold tub, a wading pool, a sauna and a slide. This would be a great option if you want to soak but save some money.

mother and son in hot spring in iceland

Where to stay in Egilsstadir:

  • Lake Hotel Gistihusid – We loved this hotel and had an amazing view of the lake. This was the place we got our first glimpse of the Northern Lights and it was amazing! They have a fantastic complimentary breakfast, a spa (extra ~$14 per person), and a bar that is open late.
view from the hotel room at lake hotel gistihusid egilsstadir iceland

Where to eat in Egilsstadir:

  • Askur Pizzeria- kid friendly with good pizza and beer
  • Lake Hotel Gisthusid Restaurant

Total drive time: Hofn to Egilsstadir ~3 hours 45 minutes

Day 6 Iceland: The Land of Fire

Stop #1: Detifoss and Selfoss

This morning will start with a bit of driving. Get on the road and drive 2 hours and 30 minutes to Detifoss, the second most powerfall waterfall in Europe. This waterfall can be viewed from either side. I would recommend taking road 862 to get there, it is paved and there are more access trails on this side. At the same stop you can walk the ~1.5 mile loop to see the Selfoss waterfall if you’re up for it.

Stop #2: Krafla area, Viti Crater

Next up is about an hour away from Detifoss and is the Krafla area. The Viti crater is in this area and is definitely a unique sight to see. You can hike up to side of the crater for a different viewpoint as well, but keep in mind this is very very loud and is not a suitable walk for young kids unless you are packing them and they have noise cancelling headphones. You can also have a great view of the crater from the parking lot.

Optional stop: Myvatn Nature Baths

A hot spring about 15 minutes from the Krafla area, but we did not stop here!

Stop #3: Vogafjos or Skutais

If you’re ready for some food you can head to Vogafjos, a cafe where you can see the cows while you eat. We weren’t too hungry so we opted for ice cream at Skutais instead!

Stop #4: Skutustadagigar

Next, take a small walk/hike as far as you want around Skutustadagigar, unique psuedocraters along Lake Myvatn. These aren’t actually volcanic craters, they were formed from lava bubbles.

Stop #5: Godafoss

The last stop of the day before arriving in Akureyri is Godafoss, another impressive and stunning waterfall. This is about a 30 minute drive from the Myvatn area and is only a short walk along the path to view the waterfall from several different areas.

godafoss waterfall iceland

TIP: You will drive through a tunnel that is a toll road. It costs about $10, and needs to be paid within 3 hours of using the tunnel. Use this website to pay. Be warned that if you don’t pay in a timely manner, the fee goes up substantially.

Then you’ll arrive in Akureyri, the second biggest city in Iceland after Reykjavik. I really loved this charming town, every stoplight is a heart instead of a circle, so cute! Spend your evening at the local pool (one of the best local pools in Iceland) or walking around downtown. You can also walk along the water for beautiful views. We even saw whales from here which was an exciting surprise!

Where to stay in Akureyri:

Where to eat in Akureyri:

  • Aurora, has good bar snacks and excellent drinks (located inside Berjaya Iceland Hotel)
  • Breakfast at Kaffi Ilmur
  • Akureyri is the second biggest city in Iceland and has a lot of restaurants, explore whatever type of food you are feeling like having!

Total drive time: Egilsstadir to Akureyri ~ 4 hours 45 minutes

Day 7 Iceland: Akuryeri Adventures

Stop #1: Spend the morning exploring Akureyri

I would recommend spending the morning in Akureyri since it is one of the bigger cities in Iceland. We spent more time here than we planned because we got a parking ticket, and had to wait for the banks to open to pay it. I wouldn’t recommend that, it was a little pricey (oops!) The rest of the day is mostly driving so spend your morning using up some energy by walking along the water, exploring shops, or getting a nice breakfast at Kaffi Ilmur.

This day has no major stops, so feel free to stop wherever you see along the road today. If you are feeling ambitious you can consider making your way farther into the Snaefellnes Peninsula so you are able to explore more of the peninsula tomorrow. However, we wanted to take it slow this day since we had been doing a lot of driving this past week. Our Airbnb was located in the Icelandic countryside in a beautiful family cabin that had access to a hot tub and a river flowing through the property and an outdoor shower! So we chose to take a slow driving day and enjoy a little downtime in the Iceland countryside.

Where to stay near Borgarnes:

  • Hotel Hamar
  • Vacation Rental – The Borgarfjordur Cabin was the best! This place was kind of in the middle of nowhere, but it was the coolest cabin with a hot tub. And because we were away from any towns and light pollution we watched the northern lights from the hot tub, it was the coolest experience ever. I highly recommend staying here!
kid throwing rocks into river in icelandic countryside

Where to eat near Borgarnes:

  • Blomasetrid – Kaffi Kyrrd
  • La Colina Pizzeria

Total drive time: Akuryeri to Borgarnes ~3 hours 45 minutes

Day 8 Iceland: The Snaefellnes Peninsula

As a note, this day is a little ambitious with quite a bit of extra driving time, about 5 hours total if you hit all the stops. If you don’t make it all the way around the peninsula, just map out the drive time to the area you are more interested in and make it more of a relaxing day heading back to Reykjavik.

Stop #1: Ytri Tunga (Seal Beach)

First stop about a 1 hour drive from Borgarnes is Ytri Tunga or seal beach! This is one of the most reliable places to see seals in Iceland.

Stop #2: Budakirkja Church

Next stop is Budakirkja Church, about a 20 minute drive from Ytri Tunga. A picturesque black church that is beautiful to photograph.

Stop #3: Arnarstapi

Then another 20 minutes in the car will take you to Arnarstapi, and if you make it this far, you’ll want to check out the beach with a stone arch called Gatklettur.

Stop #4: Kirkjufell

Head next to Kirkjufell, Game of Thrones lovers, this is another one for you! This mountain was featured in the series in season seven. Kirkjufell is about 1 hour from Arnarstapi and a stop here will provide you with a beautiful view of the mountains and waterfalls.

kirkjufell mountain and waterfalls iceland

Stop #5: Back to Reykjavik

Now that you have hit all of the major stops, you can get some dinner and head back to your hotel in Reykjavik (~2.5 hour drive from Kirkjufell) or to Borgarnes (1 hour 45 minutes).

Where to stay: Consider staying in Reykjavik or in Borgarnes depending on how much you want to drive this day and where you can find the accommodations you want. There are places to stay in the Snaefellsnes Peninsula; however, it will increase your driving time for the next day. If you plan on visiting the Blue Lagoon the next day I would recommend making it back to Reykjavik rather than staying in Borgarnes.

Total drive time: Borgarfjordur to Snaefellnes to Reykjavik ~5 hours if you hit every stop

Day 9 Iceland: Back to Reykjavik

Congratulations! You made it around Iceland’s Ring Road with your kids, one of the most beautiful drives in the entire world. Use this day to do the things and eat the food that you didn’t get to do on your first day in Reykjavik. This would be a perfect day to visit the Blue Lagoon if you plan on doing so. We did not visit the Blue Lagoon because we had a child under 2 years old which is not allowed due to the high mineral content. The local pool, Laugardalslaug is also a great option if you want to stay in town. Check out our 19 Best Things to Do With Kids in Reykjavik guide for more suggestions!

Day 10 Iceland: Going home!

Today is the day to head back home. Remember the drive from Reykjavik to Keflavik is about a 45 minute drive. You will need to factor in time to return your rental car. It is recommended to arrive at the airport three hours before your scheduled flight. However, note that if you arrive earlier than 3 hours you will not be able to check in until the three hour mark.

Overall thoughts on a 10 day Iceland Itinerary with kids:

CAN’T MISS: Seljalandsfjoss, Selfoss, Dyrholaey Viewpoint, Diamond Beach, Fjadrargljufur Canyon, sooo many more things. This country is incredible!

WOULD SKIP: Let me preface this by saying that I’m glad I visited once and it was a good intro to Iceland, but if I were to visit again and was crunched for time I would consider skipping the Myvatn area. It is a unique part of Iceland, but less impressive than a lot of the other stops. It is still included in this itinerary because it is a unique stop, and as I said I am glad I visited once. All of Iceland is so beautiful it is difficult to choose something that I would skip.

NEXT TIME: I really wanted to visit Studlagil Canyon, but this added driving time and we were about maxed out with our 1 year old! I also would love to visit the Westfjords as well.

Have less time? How to shorten this itinerary:

9 Day Iceland Itinerary with Kids

Do all of the above, but skip the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. This area is beautiful but does add significant driving time outside of the Ring Road. This would also work if you are looking for a slower paced 10 Day Iceland itinerary with your kids.

8 Day Iceland Itinerary with Kids

Skip the Golden Circle and the Snaefellsness peninsula. Since these activities are both off the Ring Road it is very easy to make this itinerary in 8 days and not add much driving time. To skip the Golden Circle start in Reykjavik and head to Seljalandsfoss for your first stop of the day. Total drive time for this day would be about 2.5 hours.

7 Day Iceland Itinerary with Kids

Skip the Golden Circle, Snaefellsnes Peninsula, and spend a little less time in Reykjavik. Alternatively, you could do one long driving day from Akureyri to Reykjavik without many stops towards the end of your trip (~5 hours). If you have less than 7 days, I would highly recommend not driving the full Ring Road with your kids. This would make for significant time in the car between stops and might lead to some cranky kids!

Happy planning and happy travels! For further help with your planning, read our other Iceland guides:

Make sure you are prepared before you leave! Check out our other posts before you leave.

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